Monday, April 17, 2017

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Update 6/27/17: Improbably enough, Salvador Dali is Back In The News.
MADRID — A Spanish court ordered the exhumation of the corpse of Salvador Dalí in order to Settle A Woman’s Claim to be recognized as the daughter of the Surrealist painter. The court said that DNA testing should be done on Dalí’s corpse because no other remains or belongings were available that could allow a proper examination to settle the paternity claim. Pilar Abel, a Tarot card reader, wants to be recognized as Dalí’s daughter, born as a result of what she has called a “clandestine love affair” that her mother had with the painter in the late 1950s in Port Lligat, the fishing village where Dalí and his Russian-born wife, Gala, built a waterfront house.
Dali died in 1989. This paternity claim is of some interest because Dali was widely believed to be impotent. See 10 Depraved Secrets Of Salvador Dali. Also see his autobiography, The Unspeakable Confessions of Salvador Dali. If you need still more evidence of Dali’s douchebaggery see The Shameful Life of Salvador Dalí

One question: will there be a second public viewing of the body, perhaps at his Museum? That would be a truly Daliesque event.
The Train Station at Perpignan, by Salvador Dali (click on photos for enlargement).
At 4:21 pm on August 27 1965, Salvador Dali proclaimed that the Train Station In Perpignan, France, was actually the center of the universe. With all due respect to Mr. Dali, I beg to differ. I have long maintained that the Biger Depression, in Gov-Altai Aimag, Mongolia, is the navel of the World and the center of the Universe.
View from the Biger Depression, Gov-Altai Aimag, Mongolia
 Legendarily huge potatoes from the Biger Depression, the center of the Universe