Thursday, August 6, 2015

Mongolia | Zavkhan Aimag | Khoid Dayan Ovoo

Wandered around Otgon Tenger Uul on a five-day circling of the mountain by horse. On the last day the sky was a perfect dome of cobalt blue from horizon to horizon—the first morning without rain we had experienced on the trip. After a leisurely breakfast we finally packed up and headed over the ridge to the west of Khökh Nuur. Climbing through a larch forest—the first trees we had encountered around Otgon Tenger—we finally arrived at Khoid Dayan Ovoo. From here there are spectacular views of the whole Otgon Tenger massif. Batbayar says this is one of the most sacred spots in Zavkhan Aimag and that many people come here to make offerings. He claims it was used by shamans even before the advent of Buddhism.
 Khoid Dayan Ovoo (click on photos for enlargements)
Khoid Dayan Ovoo
 Batbayar and Yooton prostrating at the Khoid Dayan Ovoo
 Otgon Tenger from the Khoid Dayan Ovoo
 Otgon Tenger from the Khoid Dayan Ovoo
Otgon Tenger from the Khoid Dayan Ovoo

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