Sunday, August 9, 2015

Mongolia | Mongol Empire Era Carpet

Christies, the big international art auction house, is selling what is “thought to be the sole surviving example of a Mongol Empire carpet.” See ‘An Extraordinary Survivor’: A Rare Carpet From The Mongol Empire. I would love to have this grace the floor of my hovel in Zaisan Tolgoi, but it is slightly out of my price range (($747,000–$1,045,800 estimate). It may well be within the range of a certain well-heeled carpet collector in Richmond, Virginia, however. She might want to snap it up while it is still available. 
Mongol era carpet; perhaps more properly called a kilim, since it is flat-woven (click on photos for enlargements)
Detail of Mongol era carpet


  1. MY CARPET! I can't believe they found it, those scoundrels! I'm calling my lawyer now, they can't sell it!
    Thank you for bringing this to my attention!

  2. Don’t call your lawyer! He, or she, will claim it.

  3. Dearie me, you're probably right. Lawyers would charge more in fees to get it back. I may as well put in a bid.