Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mongolia | Zaisan Tolgoi | Moon Apogee

Feeling a bit down? Well, maybe it is because the moon will reach its Apogee today. Here in Zaisan Tolgoi the apogee occurs at 2:21 p.m. At this time the moon will be 251,327 miles away, the farthest it gets from the earth during the current cycle. Tonight the moon will also swing by the top of Orion, which should get all the Egyptologists out of their funk. 
Graphic courtesy of Sky & Telescope
As all you Devotees Of The Moon God Sin know (I’m looking at you, Puabi), the Full Moon is coming up on February 26. And all you Neo-Pantheists (you know who you are) should get your Elk Antler Headgear out of the closet! Is another meteor too much to pray for?