Monday, January 21, 2013

Uzbekistan | Bukhara Oasis | Khwajagan | #4 Ramatani

Ali ar-Ramitani (d.1315/1321?) is the fourth of the Seven Khwajagan of the Bukhara Oasis. He was a disciple of Mahmud al-Injir al-Faghnawi. Ramatani’s Mausoleum is located twelve miles northwest of Bukhara.
Entrance to the ar-Ramatani Mausoleum Complex
Well near the entrance to the complex
Grounds of the complex
Stairway leading to mausoleum of Ramatani
 Stairway leading to mausoleum of Ramatani
Mausoleum of Ramatani
I am pretty sure that the tomb of Ramatani is the one in the middle. I was unable discover the names of the other two people entombed here. 
 Other tombs beside the mausoleum of Ramatani 
Looking east from the mausoleum. Locals say that the ruins in the distance of those of Ramitan, one of the oldest cities in the Bukhara Oasis. The modern city of Ramitan, however, is about six miles east-northeast of here. 
Supposedly the ruins of the ancient city of Ramitan. The brick structure on the right is new. 

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