Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mongolia | Zaisan Tolgoi | Third Nine Nine | Gurvan Ükhrii Ever Khöldönö

The Third of The Nine-Nines—the Nine-Nines being nine periods of nine days each, each period characterized by a certain type of winter weather—begins today, January 8. Gurvan Ükhrii Ever Khöldönö is the nine-day period of Winter when the horns of three year-old cows freeze. This period is supposed to be colder than the First of the Nine Nines and the Second of the Nine Nines. At 8:30 this morning it was 33 below 0º F (that’s minus 36º C for you incorrigible Celsius fans), about normal for this time of the year. Certainly cold enough to freeze the horns of three-year old cows, to say nothing of the balls on a brass monkey.

Those of you who like to get out early to view the Heavens are in for a real treat the next couple days. On the morning of the 10th Venus will be cuddling up with a Sliver Moon. I may not be able to see this phenomenon from my hovel in Zaisan Tolgoi because of the high ridges of Bogd Khan Uul to the southeast, but if I get inspired I might just climb to The Mountain In Front of My Hovel for a better look.
Graphic Courtesy of Sky And Telescope