Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mongolia | Ulaanbaatar | Bad Air | Supercomputer

According to An Article in Time Magazine the World Health Organization claims that Ulaanbaatar is the second most polluted city in the world, behind only Ahwaz, Iran. I simply cannot believe this. I now live in Zalsan Tolgoi on the outskirts of the city where the air is famously fresh and clean but I did spend half a dozen winters living in the heart of the city, and although the air was bad I would not say it was world-class bad. Are you telling me that the air in Ulaanbaatar is worse than the air in, for instance, Hong Kong (or am I confusing heat and humidity with bad air)? Anyhow, chalk another one up for Ulaanbaatar. According to some sources it is also The Ugliest City in the World.

But wait! Mongolia just got its First Cray Supercomputer!
Yak  checking out Cray Supercomputer


  1. Hi Don, We're glad your back from you semi occultation!
    Here's the link to a BBC doc you might find interesting. Lelung Rimpoche who's lives in a quiet suburbia of London goes to Mongolia searching for some lost Buddhist scriptures...

  2. I have not really been in semi-occultation; I was involved in a rather large publishing project which left me no time for posting on my blog. I am handing in the finished project tomorrow, however, and should soon get back to writing and posting again. Unless of course I decide instead to go into complete Occultation.

  3. Interesting (and oh so rare) article about Mongolia and Bodg khan in particular. In the Guardian today:

  4. Interesting article. What amazes me is that there is half a dozen or more big construction projects going on in the Zaisan Tolgoi area or Zaisan Valley as we speak. If there is a problem why is construction allowed to continue on these projects which have not even been finished yet?