Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mongolia | Töv Aimag | Zevgee — 1938–2011

Zevgee (1938–2011)
My good friend Zevgee transmigrated on the Full Moon Day of May 17, which by coincidence (or maybe not) was the day of Vesak, the Buddhist holiday observing the Buddha's Birth, Enlightenment, and Death, and also, according to Some Interpretations, the anniversary of the day the Buddha first taught the Kalachakra Tantra.

I first met Zevgee in 1997, as described in Part Three of my book Travels in Northern Mongolia. I eventually did twelve Horse or Camel Tripwith him, including a horse trip last summer to Onon Hot Springs. He will be missed. 
 Zevgee last summer at Onon Hot Springs
Zevgee, with his wife and two brothers at Shar Khuls Oasis


  1. Don, so sorry for your loss. He was a good man and a good guide. I'm sure you have many good memories with him and his precious wife and family.

  2. Deepest sympathy to Zevgee's family and friends.
    Om mani Padme Hum

  3. Um mani badmi hum

  4. Condolences to you and Zevgee's family and everyone else who loved him.

    -a mes.

  5. I am so sorry to hear about it Don. Please give my best wishes and condolences to his family. Zevgee will be dearly missed. What a grand exit on a full moon! My favorite photo from Mongolia is the one with Zevgee having tea in the morning, I sure will miss his smile and friendship.