Saturday, April 30, 2011

Uzbekistan | Khorezm | Khiva | Kunya Ark and Summer Mosque

After visiting the Harem of Allah Kuli Khan I wandered by the Summer Mosque of the Kunya Ark, or Citadel. Finished in 1838, the mosque features spectacular tilework by local masters Ibadullah and Adullah Jin, who had also worked on Allah Kuli Khan’s harem. 
Summer Mosque
Pillars in the Summer Mosque
Base of pillar in the Summer Mosque
Pillars and Tilework 
Minbar, or pulpit, in the corner of the mosque
 The Kunya Ark, or Citadel, from outside
View of the Inner City from the top of the Citadel
View the Inner City from the top of the Citadel
View from the top of the Citadel, with the Kalta Minaret, top, left-center
View from the top of the Citadel with Islam Hoja Minaret (1910), middle
Heart-palpitatingly gorgeous local hand-woven carpet. I sat on it for an hour, soaking up the vibes, but in the end did not buy, since the next stop in my wanderings is Bukhara, whose very name is synonymous with carpets. 
 This brother and sister duo dogged my tracks for an hour or more, hounding me to take their photo. Finally I gave in.