Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mongolia | Hot Springs

I consider myself a cognoscente of hot springs and make a point of visiting them wherever I am. Just recently I visited the ultra-exclusive Onon Hot Springs Resort and Spa in Khentii Aimag and before that Yestiin Hot Springs in Töv Aimag, among many others in Mongolia. 
 Onon Hot Springs
Yestiin Hot Springs
Now I just stumbled upon Hot Soaks Of The Himalaya which has a very interesting post on Soaking On The Steppe: The Mongols and Their Baths which includes some of my material and much else. Plan your hot spring visits now.


  1. Sounds like a good tour to me. I would need the soaking after riding all day. The water looks so crystal clear. What month did you go to the springs?

  2. Opinions vary as to the best month for actual treatments. As for getting to either Onon Hot Springs or Yestiin Hot Springs by horse the best time is last two weeks of August, when the weather has cooled off a bit in the mountains and the flies and mosquitos have mostly disappeared. First two weeks of September would be nice too if you do not mind cool nights with temperatures below freezing. The days would be ideal, with fall colors.

  3. What would happen if one were to soak during a full moon?

  4. There is no problem. Last Full Moon I went to some hot springs with my Hungarian Friend who lives here in UB.

  5. Add a little Egri Bikaver and it's a party.

  6. I certainly have nothing against Egri Bikaver, but I find that the sweetness of Chateau d’Yquem provides an interesting counterpoint to the sulfur overtones of most hot springs.


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